Best Wedding Favor Using Coaster, Flip Flops, Tumblers, Wine Totes When it comes to wedding favors, coasters, flip flops, tumblers, and wine totes can all make fantastic options. Here are some ideas for each of these items: 

1. Coasters: • Personalized Coasters: Have custom-made coasters with the couple's names, wedding date, or a meaningful quote. Consider using materials like cork, wood, or ceramic for an elegant touch. • Photo Coasters: Print and insert small photos of the couple or engagement photos into clear coaster holders. This adds a personal and sentimental touch to the favors. • DIY Coaster Kits: Provide guests with DIY coaster kits that include blank coasters and art supplies. This allows them to create their own personalized coasters, making it a fun and interactive favor. 

2. Flip Flops: • Customized Flip Flops: Have flip flops made with the couple's initials or wedding logo. Guests can wear them during the wedding or take them home as a comfortable and practical favor. • Beach-themed Flip Flops: If you're having a beach wedding, provide guests with flip flops that match the theme. Choose colors that complement your wedding palette and add small beach-inspired decorations like seashells or starfish. 

3. Tumblers: • Personalized Tumblers: Opt for personalized tumblers with the couple's names, monograms, or wedding date. Consider choosing double-walled tumblers to keep beverages hot or cold for longer periods. • DIY Beverage Bar: Set up a DIY beverage bar where guests can fill their own tumblers with their favorite drinks. Provide a variety of beverage options like flavored water, lemonade, or iced tea. 

4. Wine Totes: • Customized Wine Totes: Have wine totes made with the couple's names or a special message. These can be used to carry wine bottles and make a practical and stylish favor. • Wine Tasting Kit: Create a wine tasting kit by including a small bottle of wine, wine glasses, and tasting notes. Place them in a beautifully designed wine tote for an elegant and thoughtful favor. Remember, no matter which wedding favors you choose, it's essential to personalize them and make them relevant to your wedding theme or your personal style as a couple. Consider adding personalized tags, ribbons, or packaging to create a cohesive and memorable favor for your guests.